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Katherine Weather Extremes

Much of Katherine's weather we seem to take for granted, we get a river rise here or there, a flood, big downpour, dust storm, wirly wirly through the yard when the washing is on the line etc. Then it is gone forever and only becomes a part of our distant memory as this is where we live (in the Tropics) and it basically goes with the Territory.

The following occurrences have been pretty major natural events that have shaped the lives of many people in Katherine with the Big Flood of 1998 & another in 2006 and when you think about it and read further, a few near misses over the past few years that could have had entirely different results if they occurred a few kilometres from where they did.

Photo from March 2004 after storm over Tindal

1. Katherine Flood January 26th 1998 (from Ex Tropical Cyclone Les)

2. Effects of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie December 21st 2003

3. March 2004 (Tindal Storm & flooding of low areas in Katherine South)

4. Katherine Flood April 2006 
This info is on my Katherine Start Page site that has good google search  results for Katherine flooding so it is in a slightly different style that the other pages.

5. March 2007 (Flood Watch) Not an extreme event (just the normal), but recordings of river levels at Gorge & Town etc, and just trying to make sense of it all.

The following are thoughts, recordings & images I have taken myself or collected from the web. Why does anyone take the odd snapshot of the weather radar in the middle at 2AM just before the power goes out for the 5th time, I don't know.....

There are many more such events that have gone on, that will never be seen again. Many of the factual rainfall recordings have come from  website that stores satellite images of the day & major recordings from around Australia.


What can we all do about weather extremes ? Do we can sit back & watch or be a little more proactive and be prepared for these natural events.

Here are some of the things we can do.
House Flood Tips

Fridge / Furniture bags (Protect what you can if you cannot move it)